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What is Permaculture?

Permanent + Agriculture

"The development of agricultural ecosystems intended to be sustainable and self-sufficient."

What is Permaculture?: Services

Ecological Preservation

Permaculture aims to preserve and protect the natural systems around us. It aims to create a system that works in harmony with nature.


Protecting Future Generations

Permaculture is a self sufficient system of abundance when set up correctly. This will allow us to set up abundant food producing systems for generations to come all while reducing stress on the environment.


Food Abundance

Permaculture systems are the most efficient and abundant systems for food production. Taking advantage of multiple layers to produce instead of one. While requiring less maintenance and water than any other food producing system.


Reducing Waste

Permaculture utilizes commonly discarded material as a resource to build fertility within the system. Food waste becomes fertile soil for your plants to grow in. Paper waste becomes a mulch and weed barrier. And even animal waste can become a valuable fertilizer for your system.


Symbiosis with Animals

Animals can be a valuable addition to your permaculture system. They can eat weeds, reduce pests, turn soil, fertilize, and produce food for you. As well as being a fun pet!


Indoor or Outdoor Systems

Permaculture traditionally occurs outdoors, however you can still live a sustainable lifestyle implementing permaculture principles indoors! From mushroom growing kits on your countertop to growing food with Aquaponics systems you can still live the Permaculture lifestyle.

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